MR RASHID ALI ABDALLAH | EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | AFRICAN ENERGY COMMISSION   Can you share with us steps taken to work towards achieving energy transformation goals and progress towards agenda 2063 commitments  Africa’s energy system is characterized, among others, by having more than half of continent’s population who do not have access to reliable electricity […]


MARTIN OSWALD | SENIOR GAS SPECIALIST | WORLD BANK Many countries are now prioritising gas development for both domestic use and for export, can you share with us what efforts WBG is making to assist member countries? The Bank’s Climate Change Action Plan states that the Bank may support natural gas for projects where there […]


Dr. Arron TCHOUKA SINGHE | Chief Oil Sector Officer | African Development Bank In your view how can stakeholders ensure the issue of energy transition and Paris agreement is aligned for the benefit of African countries? Ensuring a just transition will require putting people at the center of the transition process. It is necessary for […]

Dr Omar Farouk Ibrahim

Dr Omar Farouk Ibrahim | Secretary General | African Petroleum Producers Association (APPO) The 5th edition of the Congo International Hydrocarbons Conference, CIEHC, is scheduled to take place from 30th November to 2nd December at the Kintele Conference Center under the theme Congo Energy Transition Opportunities and Challenges. Can you share with us how APPO […]