TECHDaer Oil Services Congo

TECHDaer oil services Congo is a Completion and Well Services company that services Africa through technical partners from the USA.

We have our headquarter in Port Harcout Nigeria, a sales office in Lagos Nigeria and a sales office in Pointe Noire-Congo: from which we service Africa !

Our parent company was established fifteen (15) years ago as TECHDaer Services Ltd in Nigeria and TECHDaer oil services Congo is a branch that is registered in Congo since 2013.

Below our a few products and services we offer:

  • Thru Tubing Screens, packers & other downhole tools,
  • Sand Consolidation, Production, Stimulation & Water Shut-off chemicals
  • Casing, Liners & Production Tubing supply,
  • Sand Control Services,
  • Smart Trigger Tools for slickline,
  • Completion & Coiled Tubing Equipments & accessories.

Tell: +242050772367